• The kitchen is the working center of the home, with the challenge of blending utility ...

  • Time was when there was no indoor plumbing...or even an indoor facility. Today, the bath ...

  • A home is a place to live, entertain, relax, gather.... and do any other multitude of ...

Complex projects respond to the simplest solutions

One thing we have an aversion to is making complex problems, well, complex. Our work style is elemental: we apply principles designed to make design natural, smooth, and native to your desired result.

Think Ahead

There are no stupid questions
We will ask questions. A lot of them. And then we will listen to your answers, write them down, put them up on the studio whiteboard. The answers you give us are the waypoints that guide everything that follows. 

Get Form/Function Right

These are one side of an equation
And all equations need to be balanced, or the result is likely to be wrong. It isn't a matter of making it look good. That's the easy part. It's a matter of making it work right, too.

Set the Right Pace

It's not a sprint, or a race
We work carefully to create a schedule that delivers quality work at just the right moment. This is especially important when coordinating with other contractors. The right design. Right on time.

Kitchen Styles

We begin your design by grabbing paper and a pencil and...writing down what you have to say about your project. A successful result is one that meets your objectives - practical, aesthetic, and financial. And between that intitial meeting – and the moment we make the final polishing wipe of the counter, island, and sink – is a conversation. Because design is a conversation that involves a lot of....did we say listening? 

Mari Woods’ Kitchen, Bath, Home is a boutique-style design showroom specializing in built-in cabinetry for private homes. With an emphasis on kitchens and baths, Mari’s highly professional and original designs also encompass all living spaces requiring customized cabinetry including home offices, media rooms, bar areas, mud rooms, pantries, and laundry rooms. 

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